Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava Men workers choir Bradlan Trnava
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History of Bradlan

Workers choir Bradlan but people of a few generations, who are since year 1930 till today linked with love to choir singing. They can not know each other, because those who first estableshed choir Bradlan are not amoung us for a long time. But their ideas and effords are still alive in present singers. They try not only to preserve, but also to spread dreams of establishing 28 members of the choir. Most of them were workers from trnava Vozovka, who met at night hours at old range in Trnava in 30th May 1930. Decision to sing mainly revolutionary and national songs became popular and one year later number of choir members expand up to 68. This monumental men singers choir is still in the minds of many admirers of Bradlan. Choirś name Bradlan is implyed from outlier with mound of general Milan Rastislav Štefánik. This name is used by choir since 1931

Unfortunately, Bradlan today has much less members and we have to think about the fact whether it is still workers choir, because it is concert amateur society, like other alike singers bodies. Even the structure of today membership does not prove it Bradlan was and still will be workers choir, because its name is based on the 80 year tradition.

During many years of choir existence were changing happy and sad days, days of blossoming as well as stagnation, days of good will or grudge, which almost caused forbiding of its function. Fortunately it never happened, because Bradlan became rooted in hearts of many prominent persons, who not only uphold its activity but also contributed to its development. Here we have to mention mainly national artist Mikuláš Schneider Trnavský or Anton Cíger, professor and secretary of Society of Slovak singers choirs in Martin, who silenced grudge people and devoted to Bradlan not only their professional help but also few their own choruses. (compounds).

Besides concerts, singers competitions and festivals Bradlan organized performances of profesional singers and instrumentalists, performance of women vocal trio under the conductance of mister Jindrich Richter. Bradlan prepared several theatre plays, corps sector, poetry, performed in singspiels and operas, for example in Bellarose form Mikuláša Schneidra Trnavského in Trnava theatre in the year 2001 . Songs performed by Bradlan were vocal on stages of many home and abroad towns. Even the places respected in the art world are not missing on Bradlans list. Bradlan chorused in radio, television, in philharmonic orchestra, in philharmonic orchestra in Vilnius, in Slovak national theatre, in world wide known Gewandhase in Leipzig, or in museum of Milano La Scala

These unforgetable and glamorous moments are only completing many concerts and performances through towns and villages in Slovakia and many other european countries. Planty of diplomas, public recognitions and awards from numerous competitions and festivals are the prove of Bradlan´s suggestive performance for audience and members of profesional jury. They show artistic standard of choir as well as commitment and effort of its members and conductors. We could write about Bradlan´s performance for a long time. These few lines can not capture atmosphere during Bradlan´s exibitions or try outs. Above all it can not reveal enthusiasm of all present as well past members. It would nt be fair not to mention life partners , wifes, without them the membership in the choir would be jeopardized. They can not document care and willingness from the row of cultural workers, sponsors and public a state representatives. at the end I would like to thank to all before mentioned but as well not mentioned helpers, sympathizers and listeners, briefly to all people whose hearts are beating with the rhythm of Bradlan.

Officials of Bradlan

The function was up today hold by:

Main conductor:

Rudolf Slováček, Miroslav Jaura, Anton Cíger, František Nimrichter, Daniel Bulla, Viktor Brós, Ival Luknár, Pavol Baxa, Dušan Bill, Jozef Potočár, Blanka Juhanáková, Sergej Mironov, Ivan Končený, Gabriel Kalapoš, Stanislav Gálik, Viera Hovancová, Hana Borbélyová, Drahomíra Benciová, Marián Pavlík

Forman of the choir:

Ignác Šajmír, Martin Jagoš, Rudolf Slováček, Fridrich Kuchár, Michal Hrebíček, Ľudovit Václav, Ján Borovička, Juraj Badiar, Karol Móder, Štefan Rampák, Štefan Pinter, Pavol Rampák, Daniel Daniš


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